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Unifying in the Cloud

GreenPoint Solutions safely and efficiently unifies your business’s IT systems with Microsoft’s Office 365.

A subscriber system, Office 365 allows you to utilize Microsoft Office products and other productivity services via the Internet.

Office 365 keeps your data in a secure ‘cloud’, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and from virtually any device.

We bring together your critical business data and systems with this powerful tool in the following ways:


  • Assess your current systems.
  • Identify all desktops, tablets, mobile devices applications and data repositories.
  • Prepare your network and servers for migration.
  • Develop a Project Plan with step-by-step execution.


  • Perform installation of software.
  • Migrate your files, folders, etc (data repositories) to Office 365’s ‘cloud’.
  • Configure workstations and devices to allow secure access to your Office 365 resources.
  • Training – provide end user training.

Maintenance & Troubleshoot

You have easy access to GreenPoint Solutions technicians for assistance for;

  • Constant monitoring of your Office 365 tenant domain.
  • Ensuring updates to Microsoft office 365 applications are all kept up to date.

If you are considering integrating the power of Office 365 with your current IT system, contact us HERE today for a comprehensive assessment.