About Us

The GreenPoint Solutions team does not have to “Google it” to diagnose an IT problem or develop a plan to protect and maintain your vital systems.

That’s because our expertise is cumulative. It has been built upon a depth of experiences working in technology since the early 1980s.

Experience within the Industry

  • Founder Ed Galli started as a field engineer installing and repairing mini and super-mini computers before Microsoft’s Windows even existed .
  • He accrued experiences as a tech leader and infrastructure engineer during Wall Street’s computer technology revolution.

Advancing with the IT Industry Revolution & Evolution

With the automation of business processes, Ed developed critical Enterprise and CTO abilities to identify, design, develop, and support technological solutions for large organizations.

While large firms with unlimited resources enjoyed the expertise of professionals like Ed, smaller and midsized companies were unable to access and afford these critical services.

Ed Galli Responds in 2008- Launching GreenPoint Solutions – An Enterprise and Outsourced CTO Service.

The GreenPoint Solutions team delivers Enterprise level IT support services for small to medium sized businesses at an affordable price.

Placing GreenPoint Solutions on your team means this responsibility is off your shoulders and placed onto ours.

Our dedication to small and medium sized companies mean you never feel lost in the process.

We are your outsourced CTO that provides;

  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring of all critical business systems.
  • Daily break/fix response
  • Design and architecture of IT Infrastructure.
  • Implementation and updates to all network and systems.
  • Training.
  • Rapid response services.
  • Deep bench expertise during crisis conditions.
  • Staff augmentation to your in-house IT staff.

For deep and broad technical services that can protect your systems 24/7 ensuring your success and profitability, contact us HERE. for a review and plan suited to your company’s needs.